I'm Nikita Voronov. You can call me Gram.

Python, Django, Go, Web, Security.
Russia, Saint Petersburg.
master_fess@mail.ru, @orsinium

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June 2018 — now. Cindicator — huge fintech ecosystem around crowd intelligence.

June 2017 — June 2018. Smena team — IT company that provides IT infrastructure for delivery restaurant Farfor.

March 2015 — May 2017. Department of Linguistic Communication and Psycholinguistics at Ufa State Aviation Technical University.

January 2016 — May 2017. Life4Web — my own web studio.



Python is my Passion. I make many Open Source projects, contribute to many libraries like Spotify's Luigi. Get money for my Python code for 4 years. Some of libraries that in my blood: attrs, Django, Flask, Requests, SQLAlchemy, Peewee, Pandas, Django REST Framework, PyTest, Celery, Locust, Telethon. I like to discover new tools, so I can choose the best solution for any case. Have telegram channel on Russian about development.


I make web services for 8 years. I started from PHP that helped me to discover low-level details about perfect service building. After that, I moved to Django and Flask. About 1 year I worked in Smena team that makes all IT infrastructure of food delivery company Farfor. This infrastructure includes a few Django and Django REST Framework based big projects (site, API, ERP), many Flask-based microservices, more than 20 servers, big monitoring system (Sentry, Elastic Stack, New Relic, Zabbix, okmeter) that was deployed and configured by me. Now in my free time, I'm diving into Go, developing Go-based microservices and cloud technologies. A little bit know some of frontend technologies too: HTML, CSS, LESS, Twitter Bootstrap 4, basics of JS.


I live in Linux for 8 years, can solve any issue from a console, pack anything into Docker containers, know how to build perfect monitoring system (for example, see python-syslog-logstash project on Github). Have worked with different Linux distros (Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS), set up physical servers, VPS, Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi. Familiar with network stack (especially TCP/IP, HTTP specification).


Know some tricky details about MySQL and PostgreSQL, can build and restore backups, optimize database server performance, build and optimize SQL queries. Have huge experience with Django ORM, SQLAlchemy and Peewee, know how to build fast and secure queries.


Got Information Security red diploma, was interested in practical aspects of security, have many publications on different topics, have visited some security conferences. Was a founder and leader of CTF team that have gotten 6th place on international contest (alert1 team). In my everyday work, I use Burp Suite, nmap, nikto, wapiti, wireshark and some other network security tools. In Smena team I've made global security audit, fixed many security issues, integrated some security systems like bruteforce protection and intrusion detection.

Data Analysis

I worked at Department of Linguistic Communication and Psycholinguistics in my university where I've researched language and text influence, adopted Claude Shannon's information theory to natural languages. For that, I've built many programs and services, searched patterns in data. For that I used many common data science tools (numpy, matplotlib, pandas) and linguistic specific (word2vec).

In Cindicator I write simple trading strategies that get information from crypto exchanges and makes predictions about cryptocurrencies prices. It requires to analyze many data and make suggestions about possible price patterns. On free time I learn Machine Learning (for example, I've analyzed Nobel Prize winners).

Software Architecture

It's very important for me to choose the right architecture for a project, that depends on business requirements, available time and team skills. I know design patterns, antipatterns, refactoring techniques, 12 factors, SOLID principles.


You can discover all my projects with links and a short description on my site: life4web.ru. Some of them:

  1. textdistance — package for computing the distance between sequences. 30+ algorithms, pure python implementation, common interface, optional external libs usage. At this time the project has got more than 1200 stars.
  2. DjBurger — the big framework for safe and maintainable web-projects. This is my implementation of software design principles like SOLID and Design by Contract for Django views. The framework in beta-test yet, but already used in some big projects.
  3. DjBrut — brute force protection for Django projects. This library uses Redis as a storage. Works on production in a few companies.
  4. deal — design by contract for Python. Most powerful and beautiful implementation, I think. One of my favorite conceptions.
  5. homoglyphs — library for processing similar letters. Get them, convert to ASCII, detect possible languages and UTF-8 group.
  6. DepHell — dependency resolution and requirements converter for Python. DepHell in progress yet, but it will be a great project.